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JazzParlayCards.com provides Parlay wagering information on behalf of Jazz Casino & Sportsbook, a division of DPT Sports Group. Offering Open Parlays and Parlay betting and Teaser betting for more than ten years, JazzSports is renown throughout the industry as the place to go for Parlay Cards.


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The Parlay bet

When you get into the sports betting’s world, you learn a lot of bets. And you will also know that you cannot use the same bet for all the sports, many of them have some exceptions. For example, on baseballs and football you will have some exclusive bets which are not common to be seen in other sports.Between all this kind of bets are the Parlay bet. This is an interesting bet which consists in choosing as many teams you want from 2 to 8. But, all the teams have to win or at least to tie if you want to win the bet. If one of your teams lose, you will lose the whole bet.

Online Betting : A Brief Insight

Online gaming has taken huge leaps within a very small span of time. People are moving from casino gambling to other betting options. Technological advancement has created huge opportunities in respective of gambling and online betting. Online sportsbook is gaining huge popularity worldwide.We always love to take risk and betting on prediction has always been a great entertainment...

Best at baseball

Baseball seems to be an easy sport to play and easy to understand too, but it is not that kind of easy. Maybe what you know is that there has to be a ball, a bat, a pitcher and a batter with some other players who runs base per base. And maybe you are right, but there is more inside this sport.In a baseball game, you can find guys betting for specific players, a team, numbers and whatever what can catch their attention.

UEFA Champions League

The Champions is a European international tournament for the clubs, organized by the UEFA, to face the champions from the European associations of soccer. It is the most prestigious competition of Europe which has many repercussions in the whole world.The champion now is the Chelsea FC, but the team with more wins and champion titles is the Real Madrid, with nine in the following years...

What to find at a Casino?

As all of us know that casino is a place where all kind of games with possibilities to gambling are allow. Here is where you’ll find different ways to bet and good options to make your wagers, playing and win some money.With the technological advance that we have been suffering since many years ago..

Selecting the Best Online Casinos

When it comes to a decision which online casino you choose as your online casino, it's like with most things, the more information you have the more likely you will make the best choice for themselves. There are literally thousands of online casinos on the internet for you to choose from, some are new, some are old and they are definitely not all created equal.